15 Minute Gentle Yoga Flow

This is a short super gentle/restorative flow for before bed, or the days when you don't feel so great. I shot this on a day when I was home sick with a cold and wanted some gentle movement but didn't want to stress my body at all. 

Listen to your body when you are sick and take the rest and self-care you need to bring yourself back to health. Gentle, supported, restorative poses can help you feel nurtured when you are under stress, physically or mentally. 

Short Hip-Opening Sequence

This 13-minute intermediate hip-opening sequence is great for loosening up tight hips and joints. The poses can be modified for a more beginniner yogi as well. 

This sequence is great for those cold, winter days when hips can get stiff and tight. Crank up the heat in your house and get those hips moving!